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Old Sheffield Corporation Bus

(Changes to OAP Bus travel from 1st April 2014 involving bus passes.)

At a recent Town Council meeting Councillors received complaints regarding the service no. 57 and its revised timetable.  It appears that the service will operate leaving the terminus at Unsliven Road, Stocksbridge at 9.25am weekdays.  Due to the impending changes to OAP’s travel passes which will result in them not being able to travel for free prior to 9.30am Councillors are requesting that serious consideration is given to the service commencement time being amended from 9.25am to 9.30am.  Otherwise it would mean senior citizens would have to wait until 9.55am in order to be able to travel for free – this could impede them from being able to attend early hospital/doctor appointments etc.

Jack Clarkson UKIP Town Councillor for Stocksbridge has written to SYPTE to try and get Stage coach to change the start time of the number 57 bus to 9.30am in order that many pensioners can use the bus to travel into Sheffield for Hospital and other such appointments. He said “for some time Stagecoach knew that pensioners wouldn’t be able to use their passes before 9.30am. When they revised the 57 bus time table they seemingly changed the start time of the 57 service to 9.25am in order pensioners couldn’t use the bus.

Ironically you will not be able to board the 57 bus at the terminus on Unsliven Road with your OAP bus  at 9.25am, from 1st April, but when the bus reaches the Garden Village estate at around 9.30am estate pensioners can board the bus .

“Stagecoach customer relations/service beggars believe, they are being uncaring and inconsiderate to elderly people in the Smithymoor area of Stocksbridge.

Due to the fact Stocksbridge is 12 miles away from Sheffield they could have made an exception and adjusted the time table by five minutes. This would have en-captured all of the elderly pensioners in the Stocksbridge community, after all we have the highest proportion of elderly people in our community in Sheffield. Stagecoach are not at all pensioner friendly out here at Stocksbridge.”

Author Jack Clarkson