Brian Grundill – Town Councillor for Garden Village

Brian Grundill

I was born in Beighton, a mining village, in 1943. I got married in
1967 and moved to Deepcar to be closer to my place of work at
British Achesons.
I was a staunch Labour supporter until Gordon Brown scrapped the
10% tax rate and used that money to reduce the basic rate of tax
from 22% to 20%, effectively taking money from the poor to give to
the rich. Having voted to leave the Common Market in 1975 I lived in
the hope that the Labour party would give us another referendum on
the EU but when Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty in 2008,
that clearly wasn’t going to happen.
I joined UKIP in 2010 because I passionately believe in an
independent United Kingdom and only by working and voting for
UKIP did I feel that I could make a difference, not for myself at my
age but for all the families that would benefit including mine.
In the 70s I was Treasurer of the Stocksbridge darts league and
Secretary of St Ann’s football teams and I was Secretary of Lowood
Club from 1985 to 2001. I was asked to go back in 2010 and I’m still
there. I was Chairman of the old Advice Centre until it finally closed
and a member of the ‘Shadow Board’ of the new Citizen’s Advice
When Sheffield City Council announced the closure of the Leisure
Centre I joined the ‘Big Committee’ and when 4SLC got the keys I
started volunteering and have been doing so ever since.
Although I live in Deepcar that will make no difference to the effort I
will put into helping the people of Garden Village and with our UKIP
City Councillors we will be able to raise your concerns at the heart of
the City Council.
Brian Grundill.


I recently attended a Hustings at Penistone School – Please see below the letter I wrote regarding the event:

Hustings or The Angela Smith Show (with guests)

I attended two hustings last week, the first at Chapeltown and the second at Penistone Grammar. At the first one, time was fairly well controlled and everyone had a fair crack of the whip but at Penistone Grammar I’m afraid Angela took advantage and droned on and on for each question. I actually started timing the candidates and my best estimate is that Angela hogged at least 40% of the time available. At one point she came up with the same misleading statement that she did on the Tuesday at Chapeltown only this time when she said that 3,000,000 jobs depended on our membership of the EU, a number of the audience, including me, shouted ‘no’ and ‘rubbish’ for which we were duly rebuked by other members of the audience who were clearly ignorant of the truth or didn’t really care if Angela was misleading the audience. The fact is that no one has ever said that those jobs depended on our membership of the EU. The Institute of Economic and Social Research said that up to 3,200,000 jobs were linked with trade with the EU; the same was said by the Southbank University, only the figure was up to 3,450,000 jobs, and since MP’s started distorting what these organisations had found, both issued disclaimers regarding the dependency on membership. I hereby challenge Angela Smith MP to tell us all where she got her information from and if she can’t, not to use this misleading statement and the politics of fear.
For further information if anyone is interested, the Lisbon Treaty allows member countries to leave and the EU is obligated to negotiate a trade deal with that country. The only jobs we are definitely going to lose are the 73 UK MEP’s and 22 of them will be highly delighted.
I thank and commend the students of Penistone Grammar, as hosts, and I thought the school was very impressive.

Brian Grundill.


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