Brian Grundill – Town Councillor for Garden Village & Smithy Moor

Brian Grundill

I was born in Beighton in 1943.

I got married in 1967 and moved to Deepcar to be closer to my place of work at Union Carbide (British Acheson).
I was a staunch Labour supporter until Gordon Brown scrapped the
10% tax rate and used that money to reduce the basic rate of tax
from 22% to 20%, effectively taking money from the poor to give to
the rich. Having voted to leave the Common Market in 1975 I lived in the hope that the Labour party would give us another referendum on the EU but when Gordon Brown signed the Lisbon Treaty in 2008, that clearly wasn’t going to happen.
I joined UKIP in 2010 because I passionately believe in an
independent United Kingdom and only by working and voting for
UKIP did I feel that I could make a difference, not for myself at my
age but for all the families that would benefit including mine.
In the 70s I was Treasurer of the Stocksbridge darts league and
Secretary of St Ann’s club football teams and I was Secretary of Lowood Club from 1985 to 2001. I was asked to go back to the club in 2010 and I’m still there. I was Chairman of the Stocksbridge Advice Centre until it finally closed and a member of the ‘Shadow Board’ of the new Sheffield Citizen’s Advice Bureau.
When Sheffield City Council announced the closure of the Stocksbridge Leisure Centre I joined the ‘Community Committee’ and when our community got the lease and the keys, I started volunteering.
Although I live in Deepcar that will make no difference to the effort I
will put into helping the people of Stocksbridge and with the help of UKIP City Councillors we will be able to raise your concerns at the heart of the City Council.
Brian Grundill.



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