Anthea Brownrigg – Parish Councillor


I was born and educated in Rotherham where I started my working life at the Old Bank, High Street and then left that employment to work in a solicitors’ office. I then moved to live in Chapeltown and was a regular member of the local Operatic Society for over twenty years. I have been married to John Brownrigg for forty years and have three sons and one grandson.

On retiring from my last employment of twenty five years at the Sheffield Magistrates’ Court, I became interested in politics, joining UKIP in February 2014 and successfully standing for election as a Parish Councillor in Ecclesfield Ward in May 2015. My Mum was born and lived on Mill Road, as did my maternal grandparents, aunts and cousins and I still have relatives living in the Ecclesfield area. I am now seeing personally that a big change is needed in local politics as well as national politics and UKIP is the only Party that will stand up and speak out for the people.

If I was elected as a UKIP City Councillor for East Ecclesfield, I would work to ensure that the concerns of the people are heard by the Council and that the money they pay as rate-payers will be used efficiently and wisely. Too many times, the current Labour controlled Council and Parish Council have ignored concerns of the people of this City and dismissed them as irrelevant. I am working at Parish Council level to stop waste of rate-payers money and, if elected, I will work alongside other UKIP Councillors to try and change this at City level.

I would, also, try to change what I believe is a discriminatory policy of putting the interests of asylum seekers before the needs of the people of the City. Sheffield, who signed up to be a City of Sanctuary, should be helping all people who are homeless not just asylum seekers.

I will try and ensure that our Green Belts remain intact by challenging any proposal to build homes or anything else on them. Removing our beautiful countryside not only affects wildlife it can cause other ecological problems.

As I worked in the Justice system for 25 years, I would work with the South Yorkshire Police to try and improve the security of our streets and ensure justice is done and seen to be done. I will, also, ensure that crimes are not allowed to be ignored due to political correctness. The situation in Rotherham of mass rape and abuse by one section of the community is an example of how this can and has happened. We all have to live by the same law and justice regardless of our creed, colour or religion.

If you want your voice to be heard please ensure that you vote for UKIP.


Councillor Anthea Brownrigg

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