Cllr Keith Davis, Cllr Jack Clarkson, Cllr Pauline Andrews, Cllr John Booker.



Posted By Cllr John Booker – Myself, Cllr John Booker (Deputy Leader), Cllr Jack Clarkson (Leader) and Cllr Pauline Andrews and now Cllr Keith Davis are hard working normal people, our views represent and are the same as many  people throughout the city. We have a common sense view to politics, and feel when thousands of people in Sheffield make their concerns known on certain issues, they should be listened to, basically putting the people before the political parties. Major decision regarding planning and service provision should be put to a local vote on a petition by 5% of the electorate, while supporting community groups and volunteers. Inside the Town Hall there is a microcosm of opinions and ideas. I feel the established parties have a doctrine, ideology that is sometimes toxic, it distorts the thought process. Although I consider the Green Party, who UKIP sit adjacent to in the Council Chamber, professional, well informed and impeccably behaved, which I must admit is not the normal state of affairs.

We are proud to live in Sheffield and proud to be Yorkshire folk. England’s largest County, home of the coal and steel industries which literally built Great Britain. The UK Independence Party don’t just want independence from the EU but and independence of thought, to run our own affairs in our own way by our own people. To leave the EU, stay friendly with Europe and trade with the world. In reality the European Union is a Napoleonic blueprint, it’s aim to come under one flag, totalitarian control of it’s member states. This means taking our sovereignty, our democracy, our currency, with that our economy. Talk of EU money is a con, it is our own coin repackaged, then given back to us.

Sheffield is being targeted by a developer’s charter, with the planned development of thousands of new homes on designated green belt. Land designated by previous governments who had foresight not possessed by our elected representatives we have today. UKIP will always ask the difficult questions i.e. The tremendous cost of the world student games, the sorry saga of Sheffield City Airport, the new market on the Moor and the decision to demolish shops on Devonshire Street, a magical part of the city.






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