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My name is John Booker. On the 22nd of May 2014 I was elected as the first UKIP Councillor in Sheffield, and I am very proud of that fact.

I believe politics is about people, making decisions that effect peoples lives. If they are effected in a positive way, that is good politics. If they are effected in a negative way, that is bad politics. I am all about good politics.

Dealing with peoples concerns and issues on a daily basis has been challenging but rewarding.

UKIP’S work so far, with the help of my colleagues and local residents, securing a bus service to and from Grenoside Crematorium. Started the process of constructing off road bus laybys near Angram Bank Primary School, High Green, to ease congestion and making crossing the road safer for all. With the support of local volunteers and Action Groups, we have removed graffiti and cleaned up in local parks and open spaces in the ward. This is just a small proportion of work carried out in my local area during this last year.

In the city as a whole, I would like to see increased funding commitments for the transport budget and cycle friendly design schemes throughout Sheffield.

I am strongly in favor of utilising our water ways and rivers to generate electricity through the use of waterwheels, Francis Turbines and similar projects. I have had meetings with water technicians and local businessmen who are positive about these plans. We feel if these ideas could be realised using local workers and materials, they could be the pride of Sheffield and the envy of the Country.

I offer the logic of an ordinary working man from the people for the people. I may not have a university degree or professional qualifications but I have ideas, intelligence, high standards and morals to bring to my job of making the place you live in a better one both now and in the future.

During the last 2 years as a city councillor I have campaigned for numerous local issues and am delighted with the progress we have made in certain areas.

At city council I serve on a committee which develops policies to help children, young people & families. Our young people need facilities to encourage them to take part in activities and exercise. This contributes to their health, reduces crime and anti-social behaviour and encourages them to feel part of their community. I have campaigned to provide pop-up exercise and boxing gyms in community halls and we have recently gained a sponsor to fund a boxing gym at Thorncliffe Pavilion.

The Miners Welfare Hall in High Green has been partially refurbished. We now want to see it fully utilised. I am working with the Tenants & Residents Association in High Green to introduce a programme called “Bartendaz”, hopefully before the start of the school summer holidays. Bartendaz™ is an organisation which encourages young people to view being healthy, intelligent and street smart as cool. I would also like to introduce IT courses for senior citizens, valuing all in our community of every age. I have been instrumental in the opening of a boxing gym and skate park for the local community.

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