Pauline Andrews – Councillor for East Ecclesfield


I live in Ecclesfield and was elected to Sheffield City Council in 2014. I serve on two council committees and am very passionate about improving social care in a way which works for those who need it most. If it takes six months to get that care in place then it may be too late. During the last two years I have assisted my constituents with getting better street lighting, dealing with anti-social behaviour issues, domestic violence and caring for vulnerable individuals in the community.

I was delighted that we campaigned successfully for a bus service to Grenoside Crematorium so that local people could visit the memorials to their loved ones.

  • My key priorities if re-elected would be:
    supporting community activities especially where they concern the elderly as well as helping the vulnerable.
  • working with local groups to support them in improving our local parks.
  • ¬†supporting Ecclesfield library which is manned by volunteers and could form a hub for the community.
  • ¬†improving local road safety and address the real concerns of our residents.

It is very important to me to know the people I am representing and as I live & shop locally I can chat to many people in daily life. I do not believe that we have been elected to abuse our expenses and that we should be making a day by day difference to the people who voted us into the positions we hold.


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