Keith Davis – Councillor for Stocksbridge & Upper Don


Keith was born in the industrial east end of Sheffield and was the youngest of three children. His father died when he was 4 and as such life was a struggle for his mother which he feels taught him the true value of things and he learned what poverty really meant day by day. Keith runs a plumbing and heating business with his son and is looking forward to retiring in the near future and playing a more active role in local politics.


Keith says “I  live and work in this community running a small family business. During my time as a councillor I have fought for a variety of issues which I feel affect our community and I will give a few examples.

Stocksbridge library needs a disabled lift so that older and disabled people can access the services the library has to offer. We have now got funding for this.

There is a proposal to demolish the ancient Unsliven Bridge. The name of the bridge derives from “Unshriven”, a 13th century word meaning “unblessed”. In Anglo-Saxon times, those about to undergo baptism crossed the “Unshriven” bridge, entered the water to be baptised and emerged on the opposite bank “shriven” or “blessed”. I believe that such gems of our local historical and religious heritage should be protected for the benefit of future generations.

Another subject on which I feel strongly is the retaining of the local dumpit site. Fly tipping is often a result of people being unable to easily take their rubbish (especially larger items) and to close the recycling centre at Deepcar would just make this much worse.

If they changed the access rights for small businesses and increased the staffing of all recycling centres, thereby allowing small businesses to use the sites rather then the amount saved in sorting out fly tipping would pay for the increased staffing levels.

The road works have started as we know but why start and then break off with the “promise” to come back and finish the job? Surely it is easier to leave the machinery in the area, complete all works and then move on or is this just another token by the labour council showing willing just before a general and local election?

Policing and the threat to close Deepcar police station altogether and simply have PCSO’s patrolling (and not after 10pm at night) seems ludicrous and an open invitation for thieves and vandals to run riot.

Housing where young people and some with small families needs to be addressed and most young people wish to remain local to be near their parents who may need their help or vice versa. Local housing should be advertised locally not elsewhere in the city.

Jack Clarkson and I joined local people to fight to keep Stocksbridge Leisure Centre open. The land on which the centre is built was donated to the public by Thomas Oxley and should forever be used for the benefit of the community. We donated money from our Councillors’ allowances to this cause because we firmly believe that local people and particularly young people benefit hugely from local leisure facilities.”

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