David Ogle – Candidate for Southey



  1.  Enforce tenancy agreementsCreate a “Southey Action Team”(its primary objective will be to give volunteers insurance, a bank account and access to grants)
  2.  Promote Youth activities that help set our young people on the right path.
  3. Set up a grant scheme to provide CCTV to help victims of crime from my Councillors’ allowance if elected
  4. Zero tolerance to grafitti


Dave says “I realise that the percentage of people who commit anti-social behaviour is very small. However in order to improve the well being of the Southey community, we need to stop this type of behaviour by engaging with the youth as early as possible. Prevention is better than cure and it is well known that the formula for the prevention of crime at local level is to connect with them and get them involved in a project that captures their imagination.
To this end I would aim to create some projects which have already been a proven success. I have helped to create a boxing gym, a pre-teen youth club, a skate park and a skate park users group where the youngsters feel they have ownership of the skate park. It makes them feel that the park belongs to them and therefore they take pride in it.
In my past I have been an assessor for the Duke Of Edinburgh award. One such project of the scheme is the expedition training award whose objective is to teach kids the challenges of war and the comradeship of war during peace time. This could be a tailor made opportunity for the Southey youth and could be funded from the Ward Pot allocated to the area. All it takes is the political will to set up these schemes which Labour could have easily initiated but have failed to do.”



Dave says “My Grandad who was a former Labour Councillor and life-long Labour member died in 2012. He suffered from Alzheimer’s and I have first hand knowledge of the struggle families have when a family member gets this terrible disease. Since 2012 Labour council have closed three dementia facilities and the last one to go was Hurlfield. The four UKIP councillors suggested that the money could be found to keep this facility open by reducing the Councillors’ allowances, lowering the salary for anyone working for Sheffield City Council earning over £100,000 per year and cutting down on the amount spent on free translation services. Additional dementia funding was proposed by using part of the £662,000 new homes bonus but Sheffield City Council ignored all the UKIP proposals.
I would fight for our old people to have proper care in their time of need.


Dave is an ex-soldier who served in the Royal Green Jackets and fought for his country.  He cares passionately about veterans in Sheffield as too many, after fighting for their country have been abandoned.  Dave says “As a former soldier it breaks my heart to see so many who served are homeless on our streets, end up in prison or are left to self medicate mental illness.  We are supposed to be the ‘city of sanctuary’.  That title is worthless until it includes all of our own.”



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