Jack Clarkson – Councillor for Stocksbridge & Upper Don

Jack Clarkson is the City and Town Councillor for Stocksbridge.  The area he covers includes Deepcar, Wharncliffeside and Oughtibridge.

Jack says “I have been a UKIP councillor for 2 years and a town councillor and Mayor of Stocksbridge for the last 12 months. I am a local man and served as a police officer for most of my working life.

During the last two years I have fought for better bus links to our hospitals and schools and I intend to continue to fight for better transport links to Stocksbridge. I would like to see the possibilities investigated of utilising the freight only railway lines which runs close to our villages as the proposed housing developments will bring chaos to our roads.

I intend to object to any proposed development on green belt land (for example on Town End Lane) because I believe that our countryside matters. We cannot keep on building houses in this area without considering the impact on our schools, roads, hospitals and infrastructure.

Keith Davis and I as your local councillors believe in putting our money where our mouth is, so have contributed from our allowances to Stocksbridge Rugby Club, Music in the Park (Oughtibridge), Science Day at Inman Pavilion, Stocksbridge History Society, Bolsterstone Choir, Deepcar Village Hall and Stocksbridge Leisure Centre.”

My Core Values are

I will listen to the community and consider myself to be accountable to the public. I will be adaptable to the situation,  will communicate with the public and will support entrepreneurship. I will work hard for the community, will strive to keep my promises,  be tolerant of others but above all  will strive to bring common sense back to the forefront of local government.


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