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Recently we submitted a notice of motion to the council regarding the concerns we have over the impact which the new houses which are being built in the area will have on our local transport.  If you have any concerns about this please contact us on 07583-018336

Notice of motion given by Councillor Jack Clarkson / seconded by Councillor Keith Davis

  1. That this Council notes that over 800 new homes are to be built in the Upper Don Valley catchment area of Sheffield.

417 new homes are to be built at Station Road, Deepcar.

120 new homes are to be built on the new ‘Fox Valley bottom’, Manchester Road, Stocksbridge, and over 300 new homes to be built on the proposed new development at the Old paper mill site, between Oughtibridge and Wharncliffe side.

  1.  Is further concerned that there will be a substantial increase in vehicular traffic on local roads as a result of the proposed developments, a conservative estimate would assume at least an additional 1700 vehicles in the area, including additional vehicles visiting the new ‘Fox Valley’ retail shopping centre at Stocksbridge.
  2.  Believes that this Council should take immediate steps to begin the process, of extending the Super tram/rail link between Middlewood and the newly built ‘Fox Valley’ shopping development at Stocksbridge, with tram/rail stops at Oughtibridge, Wharncliffe Side, Deepcar and Stocksbridge, and supports the Don Valley Railway plans submitted to the City Council in 2012 of the popularity of the idea of re-using the freight line to Stocksbridge for passenger services.3
  3.  Recognises the fact that additional car journeys will create an increase in carbon dioxide emissions and traffic congestion, that will impact on the environment and therefore local people’s health.4.
  4.  Welcomes the fact that Sheffield City Council, have already taken an interest in Government Regeneration Agency URBED who advocate satellite settlements that are included in future housing provision such as Stocksbridge, have “light-rail links to city centres to accommodate new economic growth over the next 15 years.
  5.  Further believes that a new Super tram/rail link would be efficient and convenient for both local residents and visitors to use and would be environmentally cleaner and would alleviate much of the existing congestion at ‘traffic pinch points, in the areas such as Catch Bar Lane and Penistone Road which have for many years caused chaos for local people travelling to and from the city centre during the morning and evening rush hour. 6
  6.  For the Council to take no pro-active measures is not an option, if a new Super tram/ rail link is not actioned as soon as possible, traffic will crawl ever more slowly into and out of our city, increasing levels of air pollution, and resulting in all roads eventually leading to chaos rather than the intended destination impacting on the environment and the economy. 7.
  7.  Welcomes the Sheffield Star newspaper who has added its weight to the expansion of the Super Tram Network by asking its readers (over 350,000 per week) in a survey where the new Super tram routes should go. The survey found that 31% of Sheffield star readers and web site responses stated that their overwhelming favourite destination was Stocksbridge.




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