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I am very involved in the local issues which include the Angram Bank Skate park which has recently opened and I was  very instrumental in getting the the Boxing Gym at Thorncliffe Community Centre open last year. I regularly submit Notices of Motion to Sheffield City Council about local and national issues. If you have any local concerns please contact me on 07583-013244

NOTICE OF MOTION OCTOBER 2016(a) states Clause 21 of the Bus Service Bill is currently going through Parliament, it stands to effectively ban local authorities from setting up new publicly owned bus companies.

This is an unnecessary and ideological move that ignores the evidence, lacks public support and undermines local-ism.
(b) further states there are twelve local authority-run bus companies in the UK.
These provide some of the best bus services in the country.
Local authority-run bus companies, like Reading Buses and Nottingham City Transport, have won bus operator of the year in four of the last five years.
If we look at the stated objectives of the Bus Service Bill, increasing passenger numbers and improving quality, it is clear that council run bus companies are more than able to help achieve these objectives.
(c) notes Nottingham and Reading have the second and third highest journey per head outside London.
Prior to 2014, Nottingham increased passenger numbers 13 years in a row.
Nottingham City Transport and Reading Buses also deliver in terms of quality, environmental standards and innovation.
This combination has led to the numerous awards, much of this is made possible by maintaining high levels of investment, even through the recession, and by offering a truly joining up transport policy through strong partnership with local authority.
(d) further notes whilst financial constraints might realistically prevent the establishment of a new public bus company, the evidence suggest that councils should at least be legally allowed to consider following the successful footsteps of Nottingham and Reading.
(e) places on record we are told the government has a commitment to local-ism and devolution.
This is enshrined in the 2011 Local-ism Act which gave more power to councils to provide services unless other laws explicitly prevent them from doing so.
In short, we shouldn’t let ideology get in the way of effective service provision.
(f) I ask this council to support the campaign against Clause 21 of the Bus Service Bill.




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