Protecting our Countryside


UKIP will not allow new housing to strip our nation of prime agricultural land. This must be kept for its primary purpose, creating a secure food supply for Britain and for export.

Neither will we allow the countryside to be swamped by over-development: we believe strongly that our countryside must be preserved so it can be enjoyed by future generations.

We will replace the current National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and introduce fresh national planning guidelines that will prioritise brownfield sites for new housing and genuinely protect the green belt. The NPPF as it stands is disastrous for the environment. It has given developers the green light to build just about anywhere and seriously restricts the ability of local authorities to refuse planning permission for inappropriate developments.

The Tories promised ‘localism,’ in their 2010 Manifesto, saying they would give more power to local people but, in reality, their planning policies have stripped powers away from communities.

UKIP genuinely supports local communities having a greater say over what happens in their locality and we will:

• Free local authorities from government-imposed minimum housing numbers

• Reverse current policies of facilitating large-scale rural residential developments,

• Promote smaller 6-12 unit developments in rural areas to extend existing villages

• Encourage local authorities to require a proportion of self-build plots to be provided in all large developments

• Allow large-scale developments to be overturned by a binding local referendum triggered by the signatures of 5 per cent of electors within a planning authority area, collected within three months

• Reduce the cost and bureaucracy of planning applications by merging Planning and Building Control departments in local authorities.


UKIP will change the law to allow mortgages to become inheritable, as they are in other countries. This will allow lenders to resume lending to older borrowers.

UKIP will not introduce any form of ‘Mansion Tax.’

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