The UK is at odds with their elected representatives

John Booker – “Never in my life time have I felt the people of The United Kingdom are so at odds with their elected representatives and the so called ruling classes. Not only is there a vast chasm opening up between the people and the politicians, but for the first time they are putting our safety in danger. We have the right to ask, “who are you”, we have the right to know the intentions of people coming to our land. Not to judge on colour, creed, race, or religion but on the content of their character, do you want to live as we live? Do you want to embrace our culture, not change it? To the power brokers who have engineered this situation I say, one rule of life, “first do no harm”, if you can’t make a situation better, don’t make it worse. Unless our rulers grasp this basic fact, we are heading towards sedition, the people will abandon our rulers and their rules. Insurrection will follow, the battle between the people and those in power, the ones who believe they have complete power over us. This all starts because of the strongest emotion, passion, passion for family, friends, community and country, passion leads to action and action leads to results. What we have in our United kingdom is ours, we have earned the right to make this statement, we have fought to have this right, now and in past centuries, we have shed oceans of blood to have this right, it will not be taken from us, it will not be taken. To our current Prime Minister I ask, have you done your best for this country? Have you done your best for the citizens of this country? The decisions you make while you are in power, will follow you for the rest of your life when you are out of power. The United Kingdom is watching”

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