Investing in Foodbanks

It is deeply regrettable that there is increasing demand for foodbanks in 21st century Britain. If those who attend foodbanks are in such dire straits that they need food handouts, there is a high likelihood that they will also need additional support to deal with issues such as debt, family breakdown, addiction and poor physical or mental health. Many will need employment or legal advice.

We want to see a welfare system that is fairer, simpler and less open to abuse. Our approach is one that firmly opposes the ‘benefits lifestyle’ but also addresses the current welfare regime, which has produced unjust outcomes.

We will therefore contribute to the important work done by foodbanks and develop them into community advice centres for those most in need.

UKIP will train and fund the cost of 800 advisers to work in 800 foodbanks, so the poorest in our society have free and easy access to timely help in their hour of need.

We will also exempt foodbanks and charity shops from charges imposed by local authorities to dispose of unwanted food waste and other goods. They are not ‘businesses’ in the sense most of us understand the term and therefore should not be expected to pay fees for waste disposal

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