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We have an over-stretched NHS and a high benefits bill, partly because of the pressure from immigration. To combat this, all new migrants to Britain will have to make tax and national insurance contributions for five consecutive years before they will become eligible to claim UK benefits, or access to more than non-urgent NHS services, save for any exceptions stipulated by the Migration Control Commission.


Save for current applications, approved asylum cases and family reunions, we will cease grant of ‘Permanent Leave to Remain’ status. Those on work visas may apply for British citizenship once they have been here for five years. We will revoke the British citizenship of those who have obtained it by fraud or deception and remove those who have obtained entry into Britain by this means. We take the view that British citizens who choose to fight alongside terrorist organisations effectively abdicate their rights to citizenship. We will amend the Foreign Enlistment Act 1870 to make enlistment in violent armed groups or transnational terror organisations a crime and we will seek a means to revoke their citizenship and prevent their repatriation.


There will be no amnesty for illegal immigrants. We will increase the number of immigration compliance and enforcement teams and review current holding and accommodation arrangements for illegal immigrants.


Foreign criminals will not be granted a visa to enter the UK Resident migrants who commit crimes resulting in custodial sentence will have their visa revoked and they will be subject to a deportation order. They will be detained until they are removed from the UK.


Our new immigration policies will begin when we confirm our intention to leave the EU with an ‘out’ vote in a national referendum. Any European Union citizen who is resident in the UK at the time of the referendum will be permitted to remain and work here. They will be able to enjoy the benefits of the UK as before and have the opportunity to apply for UK citizenship after five years. The British people accept immigrants and are among the most welcoming and tolerant people in the world. UKIP’s policies recognise the new openness in our world and the positive benefits controlled immigration has brought and can continue to bring to our nation. Only UKIP’s policies have, at their heart, sustainability, ethics and fairness. It is only by pursuing these policies and introducing an Australian-style points based system, that we can all be confident immigration will benefit Britain.

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