UKIP and Tax Dodging

It is grossly unfair that a few multi-national corporations have been able to access all the benefits of our thriving British consumer market without making a proper contribution to the costs of British society. The public has every right to be angry about this. UKIP will not allow large companies to continue getting away with paying zero or negligible corporation tax in Britain. We will bring this unfairness to an end. By restoring British tax sovereignty, which we lost when we signed up to the EU, we will end the practice of businesses paying tax in whichever EU or associated country they choose. Our membership of the EU enables companies to avoid paying some UK taxes with impunity and we will close this loophole.   We will also set up a Treasury Commission to monitor the effectiveness of the new Diverted Profits Tax and bring in any further measures necessary to prevent large multinational corporations using aggressive tax avoidance schemes.

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