Notice of Motion, submitted by Cllr John Booker.

(a) states, councillors exist to serve their communities, one of the best ways to do this is by offering them a say in what happens on their doorstep.

Localism puts real power in the hands of the people.
(b) further states,the Grenfell Tower disaster sadly showed the total lack of local government run housing and relevant safety checks.
The TUC and its affiliated Trade Unions have a large amount of Accredited Union Health and Safety Representatives (USR’s).
The primary role of USR’s is accident prevention, risk assessment, the three categories;
1. generic.
2. local.
3. on-site.
Building safety inspections is part of what these individuals sign up for when they do their training.
Local councils who look to outsource this work are perpetrating a great injustice on the local communities they represent.
The resources they need are right under their feet, the USR’s could be transferred  from their normal work on a rota basis to facilitate building safety inspections.
(c) notes,council rent payers pay rent to the council, the council pays it’s employees wages, some employees live in council housing, I believe it is all about sharing responsibility for public safety.
(d) places on record, most social housing is a direct extension of a local government employees workplace, for many, this is at the end of a keyboard (customer accounts), for others its hands on, plumbing, wiring, painting and property repairs.
Directly or indirectly as local government employees, social housing is inevitably part of their workplace.
As such, safety checks should be carried out by USR’s from Construction stage to periodical safety checks.
The purpose, to preserve life and prevent accidents.

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