Amendment to be moved by Councillor John Booker, seconded by Councillor Jack Clarkson

That the Motion now submitted be amended by the deletion of all the words after the words “That this Council” and the addition of the following words:-
(a) notes that UKIP stands for a complete and total withdrawal from the European Union, and contends that the democratic will of the people must be respected and acted upon; Brexit must mean exit;
(b) further contends that, irrespective of whatever ‘Withdrawal Agreement’ HM Government agrees with the EU, we must continue to fight for the UK’s total independence from the EU, and to fully restore the UK’s former status as an independent, self-governing, sovereign state;
(c) believes that no more money should be paid to the EU, no more EU laws should be imposed upon us, and there should be no more jurisdiction over us by the European Court and no more open-border EU immigration;
(d) contends that a clean exit from the EU must include withdrawing from the PESCO (Permanent Structure Cooperation), the EU’s ‘Defence Union’, or nascent Army, which the Government agreed to prior to Brexit;
(e) believes that, post-Brexit, the UK will be free of the costs and impositions of the Common Agricultural Policy, and will be able to move from a system which subsidises large landowners to one that supports food producers and environmental protection, and further believes that leaving the EU will enable the UK to design a tailor-made agricultural policy, rather than a one-size fits all scheme designed to benefit continental farmers; allowing us to (i) introduce a Single Farm Payment to support British farmers; (ii) create a National Agricultural Council to ensure ‘joined-up thinking’ between different Government Departments for food, farming and environmental matters; (iii) re-establish the Agricultural Wages Board for England, which would protect the incomes and conditions of farm workers; and (iv) introduce legislation for food labelling to show country of origin, method of production, transport and slaughter;
(f) also believes the UK must have total withdrawal from the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy without a transition period, and that (i) post-Brexit, the UK should take control of the full 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), as is our entitlement under international law; allowing us to rebuild our fishing industry, its ancillary industries, and our coastal towns, (ii) we need a complete overhaul of our fisheries systems for a fairer allocation of post-Brexit fishing opportunities, with priority given to the low-impact, small-scale fishers, (iii) there must be an end to the discard system, with no fish going to waste, and (iv) the UK Government must invest in British ports and fishing infrastructure, and amend the Maritime Shipping Act with a view to limiting the exploitation of UK fishing waters by foreign vessels; and that these changes will provide opportunities for British business and career opportunities for British citizens;
(g) notes that Britain’s trade policy has been under the control of the EU since we joined in 1973, and our businesses have been obliged to obey EU legislation, even when they do not export to the EU, and believes that leaving the EU will free Britain to pursue its own trade and commercial polices, which offer enormous opportunity for increased trade and employment; and
(h) contends that, outside the European Union, Great Britain will be a more prosperous nation, it will gain control of its trade policy, free business from unnecessary regulation, regain control of its agricultural industry and restore its fishing industry, and that increased prosperity will mean more jobs, and more tax revenue to pay for the things we all want for the British people.

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