Open Letter to the People of Great Britain

The NHS is Britain’s best loved public service and one of the benchmarks of our civilised values.
Successive Labour, Coalition and Tory governments have overloaded the NHS with red tape and allowed it to be abused as an international, rather than a National Health Service.
These politicians have failed the NHS with nine arduous top-down reorganisations since 1973 and a relentless cuts and privatisation agenda.
Between 1997 and 2010, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown contracted private syndicates of hedge fund managers, bankers and big property developers to design, build and finance new hospitals and run non-clinical services.
These syndicates charged interest rates so high, you might as well have called the scheme, “buy one hospital, pay for seven”.
Private Finance Initiative (PFI) deals financed £11.8 billion worth of new build but will ultimately cost the NHS £79 billion, 75%of the syndicates involved are based offshore, so they don’t even pay UK taxes on these enormous profits,
Politicians have allowed the wealthiest in our society to laugh all the way to the bank at the expense of the NHS.
We must end the use of PFI contracts in the National Health Services.
We now have the scandal of ghost patients, they don’t exist but the NHS pays £151 for each of them, over £3.6 million.
Capita were brought in to solve this problem, they were paid millions, but the ghost patients increased by 600 thousand.
With multinational corporations of this caliber helping the NHS, there is no wonder it is in crisis.
The problems caused by our disconnected health and social care system will not be resolved unless the two are fully integrated.
Perhaps it is time to establish a Royal Commission to find a way forward that allows the NHS to hold fast to its values while meeting the challenges of the future.
The welfare of the people and the caring for the sick should be the supreme law in this country.
John Booker.

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