Notice of Motion by John Booker August 2016

That this Council:-


  (a)       requests that officers collate a detailed inventory of European Union (EU) funded ongoing and pending projects benefiting Sheffield, with the overview for post-“Brexit” continuity;
  (b)       calls on the Government to ensure that the stated payment to the EU (of £350m before rebate/£240m after rebate, per week, of which £165m per week is returned “re-packaged” as EU funding to the UK), must be redistributed, post-“Brexit”, to demonstrably benefit every community within the UK, and notes that, in simple terms, the amount of money available to invest in the UK will increase significantly after “Brexit” in comparison to the current level of “so called EU funding”;
  (c)        calls on the Administration to work cross party to plan ahead for the city’s future regional needs, with close co-operation with Sheffield City Region, and make this new asset work;
  (d)       further believes the £240m payment to the EU per week should, post-“Brexit”, be used to benefit all our ailing and failing industries, including agriculture and fisheries, the rusting steel industry, and a patched up NHS, as well as to help with social care, the overloaded and underfunded education system and maybe even a fresh review of “Clean Coal” in the UK, plus assist local projects such as the extension of Sheffield’s Supertram network to Doncaster/Sheffield Airport, as well as the north of the city, including links to Deepcar, Stocksbridge, Grenoside and Chapeltown;
  (e)       believes that it is grossly unfair that a few multi-national corporations have been able to access all the benefits of our thriving British consumer market without making a proper contribution to the cost of British society, and that the public has every right to be angry about this;
  (f)        believes that, if the Labour Party’s ideology of nationalising some of these ailing industries has any credibility, the time is approaching for serious consideration on these issues, but that a more realistic regeneration measure would be low interest business loans, especially to a revived fishing fleet; and
  (g)       wishes to see the restoration of British tax sovereignty, which we lost when we signed up to the EU, and see a Treasury Commission set up to monitor the effectiveness of the new Diverted Profits Tax and to bring in any further measures necessary to prevent large multinational corporations using aggressive tax avoidance schemes.

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