Great Britain is a caring and compassionate country by John Booker

Great Britain is a caring and compassionate country. In the course of our island’s history we have welcomed countless amounts of people to these shores. Between 1997 to the present day, over 9 million immigrants came to our land. The situation in Syria and other war zones around the world is both shocking and distressful. There are many causes to these problems, the west’s experiments with foreign wars in the Middle East, like Baron Frankenstein, we have created a monster we cannot control, its name is ISIS. The age old religious conflicts between, Sunni, (trodden path of the prophet Muhammad) and Shia, (followers, Muhammad’s successors in the caliphate, an Islamic government), is a terrible paradox. We now have a perfect storm of war, conflict and human suffering on a massive scale, in some of these war zones we are on the road to perdition, total destruction and unending misery. People in the greatest need must be helped, I believe we should use our emergency powers, which can be called upon in the national interest, to stop the free movement of people from the EU, who are looking for a better life and allow people who are in fear of their lives to be granted temporary asylum in this country. This will allow more refugees a safe haven without putting any extra strain on our infrastructure and resources. The final aim of western governments should be to bring stability back to the countries of origin with the help of all concerned, thus allowing people to return to their countries and homes, to rebuild their civilisations and their lives. I would also hope that more countries in the Middle East and Africa would do all they can to help these desperate people who are in so much need. The flow of people across our planet is the greatest issue of our time. Sustainability, ethics and fairness are necessities not just for asylum seekers but those giving asylum. We must act in haste, but not be forced to repent at our leisure.

Cllr John Booker UKIP.

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