We are campaigning for a cleaner environment.  We need to make dumpit sites more accessible by increasing the opening hours, making it easier for individuals to dispose of larger items and ensuring that small tradesmen can access the sites.  This will help to reduce the instances of fly-tipping.


We support local houses for local people to promote and protect valuable family ties.  Labour controlled Sheffield City Council through the bidding process, seems intent on splitting up communities and housing family members far apart, so that people have to travel miles to visit relatives or care for elderly parents.  If family members who would help to care for small children live too far away, parents are obliged to pay for expensive child-care.  We will fight to ensure that age banded properties protect the varied needs of different generations, reducing the effects of anti-social behaviour and improving the quality of life of elderly and vulnerable people.

We want to provide warmth and shelter for homeless people during freezing temperatures, especially our ex-servicemen and women.  It would seem that Sheffield is a “city of sanctuary” for everyone other than local Sheffield people.  The council has stated that there are only 11 people in Sheffield sleeping rough but we do not accept this statistic.


We believe that it is better to build on brownfield sites rather than greenfield sites but whenever new housing developments take place we need to:

  • preserve a balance between house-building and leaving land available for industrial use to create jobs
  • build more schools & doctors/dentists surgeries
  • improve our road structure
  • create more community facilities such as leisure & youth centres
  • improve our bus & tram links to provide for an ever growing population

UKIP is opposed to any development on our beautiful greenbelt land, for example the ancient woodland in Chapeltown is which is being threatened by a new service station and Town End Lane in Deepcar which is under threat of development.


Locally we have been campaigning to reduce class sizes especially in primary schools, due to the increasing population, school places are under serious pressure, parents are unable to get their children into their local school are having to transport them to schools a considerable distance away. In some wards in Sheffield class sizes have been as high as 70 which is totally unacceptable and will inevitably have a negative impact on the education of our children.


We need to introduce binding local planning referendums so that communities can have a genuine voice in considering large scale projects such as supermarkets. We firmly support a committee-based rather than a cabinet-style system of local government to promote transparency in council.


We want to make it easier for small businesses to tender for local authority contracts.  We need to do all we can to rejuvenate our town centres and encourage small, local businesses to open.  We would introduce a certain amount of free parking in towns to increase footfall.


We need to put local communities at the heart of care provision (more community health care centres).

We need better funding for dementia and mental health sufferers.  We need to support our older people by providing relevant community care that meets their daily needs.  Our money needs to be spent on front line staff and not top-heavy management.


We would upgrade public transport and revise the timetables for Sheffield.  This is a big issue for the people of Sheffield, many of whom are very unhappy with reduction in services timetables.  We also need to make timetables available in printed form for older people who do not have access to the internet.


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