John Booker’s letter to you


Dear Constituent.

I am Councillor John Booker, and I have been serving you and your local community as a Sheffield City Councillor since May 2014.

As a life-long resident of North Sheffield I have worked tirelessly to help local people, and have always stood up for your interests against the selfishness and misguided priorities of the Labour Party.

Now I want to take the fight to Westminster.

You have been ignored for too long-Tories and Labour come and go, but nothing ever changes for the better. Your local MP, Angela Smith in her 12 years in office has cost you around £2 million in wages and expenses.

What have we got to show for it, well I’m pretty stumped.

She doesn’t seem to have done a lot apart from,

  1.  Voting against Brexit.
  2.  Resigned as Shadow Minister for the Environment, because of Jeremy Corbyn.
  3.  Walking around the moors looking angry.
  4.  Having her photograph taken, pointing at broken fences, standing by off road vehicle tyre tracks and holding a paint brush while dressed in her best frock.
  5.  Campaigning with Brian May about badgers.

If elected I would put in place a Regional Constituency Organiser, whose job it would be to,

  1. Bring more funding into the area.
  2. Allowing the development of community groups.
  3. Promoting social well-being.
  4. Citizens advice.
  5. I.T. training.
  6. Sports and youth clubs.

On a National Level, I would, 

  1. Fight for the real Brexit you voted for.
  2. Introduce a fair and controlled immigration system.
  3. Protected our free public NHS before Foreign Aid.
  4. Support our service men and woman.
  5. Fight for a modern and fair democracy including P.R.

In 2015 General Election, The Conservative Party promised a Northern Power house, this was a ploy to gain votes in the north and it worked. They got their northern votes, we got a Northern Soup Kitchen. History tells us the Tories do not support, northern industries, northern mining or northern workers.

Put your faith in me, and your faith will be repaid

Yours sincerely

Councillor John Booker. UKIP.

Your Perspective Parliamentary Candidate, Penistone & Stocksbridge constituency.

June 8th 2017.



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