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JOHN KERRY (United States Secretary of State)  WANTS THE UK TO STAY IN THE EU,  WHY?
If the UK leaves the EU, it will be a disaster for the TTIP deal and the huge American corporations. The NHS is the £116 billion ‘jewel’ in the deal and the EU IS discussing our NHS with the USA as part of the deal.
Barack Obama has also said that he will openly support the UK staying in the EU, the reason is, not for our benefit of course, but that the deal will be weak without the UK and when he does open his mouth, let’s ask him if the TTIP trade deal includes ‘freedom of movement’.
We don’t even have a member of our ‘Sovereign’ Government involved in the TTIP negotiations, possibly the largest trade deal ever. The USA seems to be hoovering up many of the world’s nations in these huge, so-called free trade deals (up to 70% of the world’s GDP). Perhaps they are free trade deals but with huge far-reaching caveats which involve health, energy, natural resources and politics.
The EU has already signed a deal with Canada, known as CETA
(Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement). Why were we  not told about this trade deal?
Argentina in 2001 had to make some serious decisions both political and economic for the benefit of the country, this led to over forty claims being made against the government (the taxpayers) by foreign investors, three of which exceeded $100 million which means that investor / state disputes supercedes legitimate sovereign decisions. Do you want that in the UK?
This is not a scare story, it is happening now. You can check the facts that we know but there is so much more we don’t know and that is an even greater worry.
The website ‘PUBLIC CITIZEN’ states that the $34 billion, in pending claims under the North American Free Trade Agreement – style deals, nearly all relate to environmental, financial, public health, land use and transportation policies – not traditional trade issues.

This article here: EU/US Free Trade Agreement (or TTIP) gives a more expansive view of the dangers of the modern trade deals.
B. Grundill.


TTIP is a proposed EU/USA free trade agreement that is being negotiated in secret by the EU Trade Commission and other EU bureaucrats.

There is growing concern that TTIP may compel us to put many of our public services up for sale to US companies, thereby privatising significant parts of our NHS.

UKIP is committed to securing the exclusion of the NHS, by name, from TTIP.

The level of public concern around TTIP makes it a good example of what can potentially go wrong while we remain in the EU and allow EU Commissioners to negotiate every single trade agreement on behalf of twenty-eight member states, including the UK, en bloc.

Fears of what TTIP might contain precisely illustrate why UKIP believes we should leave the EU and negotiate our own free trade agreements again.

We find it astonishing that other political parties, while launching high-profile campaigns against TTIP, nevertheless remain committed to our EU membership.