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Protecting our British Culture

UKIP believes in Britain. We believe Britain can be a strong, proud, independent, sovereign nation. We are the envy of the world for our rich history, our art and our architecture, our monarchy.

We led the way in the abolition of the slave trade. Our Industrial Revolution transformed the world. A plethora of great Britons stream through international history. Our language is the most widely spoken on the planet.

Britain is a remarkable country and we are a remarkable people. We have helped shape the modern world. Britain is more than just a star on someone else’s flag. The liberal metropolitan elite often tells us patriotism is wrong, that it is something to be discouraged. We are told we should be ashamed of our past; that we must apologise for it. Hints are dropped that wanting to celebrate ‘Britishness’ is an act that touches on extremism. We in UKIP, along with the vast majority of the British people, beg to differ. We are not afraid to talk about the kind of country we are, have been, and indeed, want to be in the future. Neither are we afraid to tackle head-on cultural issues of crucial importance. This clearly distinguishes us from the other parties, who have sought to denigrate our historic values of sovereignty, democracy, independence, patriotism and freedom by handing responsibility for Governance over to the EU.


UKIP will promote a unifying British culture, open to anyone who wishes to identify with Britain and British values, regardless of their ethnic or religious background. This is genuine inclusiveness. We reject multiculturalism, the doctrine whereby different ethnic and religious groups are encouraged to maintain all aspects of their cultures, instead of integrating into our majority culture, even if some of their values and customs conflict with British ones. We believe multiculturalism has led to an alarming fragmentation of British society. UKIP does want people to integrate and, because we believe in Britain, we are also committed to promoting the English language as a common ingredient that will bind our society together. With these aims in mind, UKIP will:

• End the use of multi-lingual formatting on official documents. These will be published only in English and, where appropriate, Welsh and Gaelic

• Uphold freedom of speech within the law as a fundamental British value. We believe all ideas and beliefs should be open to discussion and scrutiny and we will challenge the ‘culture of offence’ as it risks shutting down free speech

• Recognise that British values include tolerance of religion. UKIP is committed to protecting religious freedoms for all believers in the UK, in accordance with Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We believe, however, that those faiths and beliefs must exist firmly within a British framework. We will not condone any faith position which is itself intolerant and refuses to recognise the human rights of others

• Uphold the integrity of British law, ensuring it applies to all, equally. We will not condone parallel or conflicting systems that deny equality under the law

• Insist that those attending faith-based tribunals must be informed that they cannot be forced to attend and that the rulings from such hearings may not be legally binding under British law

• Review funding for public bodies which promote divisiveness through multiculturalism• Introduce a mandatory reporting requirement for suspected cases of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) for front-line professionals such as teachers, social services, GPs, nurses and police. This will be supported by the inclusion of FGM awareness into safeguarding training for teachers, school staff and governors.


We need to take pride in our country again and claim back our heritage from the ‘chattering classes’ who have denigrated our culture, highlighted our failings as a country, rather than celebrating our successes, and tried to make us ashamed to be British. UKIP will encourage pride in Britain among our young people, who have become detached from our national cultural heritage. UKIP supports a chronological understanding of British history and achievements in the National Curriculum, which should place due emphasis on the unique influence Britain has had in shaping the modern world.

UKIP will declare St George’s Day, 23rd April a Bank Holiday in England and St David’s Day, 1st March, in Wales.

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