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How I supported a local resident May 2015 by John Booker

Posted by Cllr John Booker, UKIP – On the 7th of May 2015 I was contacted by Beverley Lascelles aged 68 who lives in the Parson cross area of Sheffield. She told me that on the 5th of May 2015, her front windows on her home were daubed with anti-Semitic abuse and all four tyres on her Nissan Micra were slashed. I contacted housing services and the police the same day, I was told they knew about this issue and would visit Mrs Lascelles that day, this information was passed on to Mrs Lascelles. When I called on Mrs Lascelles, at her request a week later she showed me a letter she had received from the housing department 11th of May 2015, Tenancy Reference Number, 12036180011015, stating she was in rent arrears to the tune of £ 55.79, which she denies, legal action was being taken against her with the possibility of eviction. This story was published on the front page of The Star, 21st of May 2015. I feel Mrs Lascelles has been let down over the years by many Council departments. I ask if we could do better in future, with long running issues, and make a real difference to vulnerable and at risk residents.


UKIP walk out in protest with the Greens and Lib Dems –

Yesterday’s full council confirms what l know to be true, and for me was the last straw that broke the camels back.

That’s why Ukip, Greens, and Lib dems walked out in protest.
It seems like any opposition in our council will not be tolerated by the majority of Labour Cllrs.

The head of the council Cllr Julie Dore will not allow anyone the right to have an opinion other than hers, she is very often rude to opposition Councillors and even the public.

In a nutshell the word arrogant sums her up as with many of the other labour cllrs .

Cllr Paul Scriven, describes our Labour Sheffield City Council administration as running it like Stalin did in Russia.

Sorry but after being a Sheffield City Councillor for 3 yrs,
l must agree.

I think they have forgot the people who voted for them.

This council is not democratic anymore l am afraid it’s run more like a dictatorship.

Our party didn’t come to UKIP as politicians, we came as workers and ordinary people, trying to deliver what people want, and we believe no one believes exactly the same thing.
Cllrs don’t have to be a genius, but they do need to be someone who their constituents trust to do the right thing on their behalf.

I know that in the last 3 yrs l have done my absolute best for my ward and will keep on doing it.

Kind regards
Cllr Pauline Andrews

Letter to the Star from Cllr John Booker re: NHS and beds

There are many problems in the NHS, but a recurring theme is the so called issue of “bed blocking,”mainly geriatric patients,but not always, these are people who have had their operations or treatment and have been deemed fit to leave the wards by the medical professionals but cannot because of problems with organising after care in their own homes, care homes, nursing homes or with family and friends.

This issue blocks the whole system, causing operations to be cancelled and longer delays at A&E departments.

I propose a possible solution, “Halfway Hotels”, purpose built convalescent accommodation in the grounds of the Northern General Hospital and any other hospital where possible.

These buildings could be basic, to save costs, but clean and modern, allowing former patients time to get their personal arrangements in order while not occupying precocious hospital beds.

Friends and family could visit and if any complications do occur due to previous treatment, then they are still in the grounds of the hospital.

How to pay for it, this government so far as overseen a package of Quantitative Easing, “printing money” of £435bn all heading into the financial markets,

I suggest a detour into the NHS.

The £13bn Foreign Aid Budget could at least in part be directed towards the NHS to help in these unprecedented difficult times.

The Inland Revenue has just seen a surprise tax income boost of over £2bn and levels of Corporation tax payed to the Treasury has also increased.

The money is there, we either deal with the NHS in a positive way or a negative way, the latter option does not bare thinking about.

Without a Halfway Hotel, I fear we could be set for a Heartbreak Hospital.


Councillor John Booker Sheffield City Council.

The benefits of boxing by John Booker

On the 7th of September, 1892, in New Orleans, James J. Corbett defeated John L Sullivan in 21 rounds, this was the first world heavyweight championship contest in which conventional gloves were worn.

The benefits of boxing
The benefits of boxing
I first learnt of this momentous event when as a young child I watched the 1942 film “Gentleman Jim” Errol Flynn played Jim Corbett and Ward Bond played John L.Sullivan.
From that moment forward, I was hooked on boxing.
When I started secondary school, boxing training was available and I looked forward to every half hour session.
I trained briefly at St Vincent’s boxing gym, Solly Street Sheffield in the late 70’s.
After a few exhibition fights I hung up my gloves and concentrated on supporting local amateur boxing and watching professional bouts.
I attended lots of great fights around the country and met many great fighters including, Henry Cooper, Marvin Hagler, Trevor Berbick, Mike McCallum and many more.
On the 24th of March 2016, with the help of Paul Watson, St Vincent’s gym and my life long friend Wayne Simpson, owner of Thorncliffe Community Sports Bar, High Green Boxing Club opened.
Brendan Ingle kindly attended the opening ceremony at the request of Paul Watson, also Kell Brook  turned up on a number of occasions to support and have his photograph taken with the kids.
Myself and a number of friends and colleagues have been pushing for a boxing gym in or around High Green for a couple of years.
After an article I wrote explaining the merits of boxing clubs was printed in The Sheffield Star, I was contacted by Paul Watson who read the article in the news paper.
We got together to discus the project and within a year we got it on.
Everyone involved in boxing knows its benefits.
We are not teaching kids to fight or spar, we are promoting discipline, self control and defence, exercise, fitness and diet, which all leads to self belief and confidence.
If in time they want to take their boxing to the next level, then they will be helped to advance as far as they wish to go.
All those who attend High Green Boxing club have excelled themselves, and all look forward to attending week after week.
Our goal is to see more boxing gyms in more areas and boxing training available in all schools for those who wish to take part.
Exercise, fitness and diet are more important now than perhaps any other time in history.
We must promote the values, ” Movement is Medicine”  and ” Health is your Wealth”
                                       Councillor John Booker.

UKIP and Rustlings Road

UKIP councillors have a lot of questions about what has happened to the trees on Rustlings Road. Please come to the Council Meeting on 7th December at 1pm to register your questions!! If you want to talk to any of your UKIP councillors about this give us a ring on 07583018336.

Our great British pubs by John Booker

Great British Pubs.

I am proud of Sheffield’s achievements over the years and I am proud of our title, Beer Capital Of The World, according to the New York Times.

Our pubs are magical, walking into the best of them is like finding yourself in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, with a Golden Ticket.

With our micro breweries, real ale and distilleries, we are the pride of England and the envy of the western world.

Alcohol in moderation is the answer to most of the world’s problems. Drinking makes other people more interesting.

After a long hard day at work there is nothing better than entering a public house and saying, a flagon of foaming ale stout yeoman of the bar for myself and my friends.

It is sad to see so many pubs closing in Sheffield and the country, this is our heritage.

The Norfolk Arms in Grenoside, my local closed two weeks before Christmas, but thankfully it has been purchased by Stancill brewery and is due to re-open in the next couple of months. Excellent news for the area.

I agree with Cllr Hanrahan that approval should be sort from Cllrs before pubs and selected bars change their use or are demolished.

Elected representatives should decide on these important issues, as elected representatives should decide on all issues in the United Kingdom.

Our pubs are the brightest beacon for freedom, opportunity and democracy in the world.

I support this motion and look forward to consuming many more pints of medicine in our Great British Pubs.

Letter from Cllr John Booker to Mr Cameron

I have just sent an email to Mr David Cameron, our Prime minister, asking him to keep his promise on a level playing field for industry, and a subsidy from the British Government on energy costs. I mentioned the plight of Forgemasters and Tata steel, both these companies pay more for their gas and electricity than the public does, it is impossible to compete with subsidised foreign companies on this basis. Forgemasters specialises in forged and cast parts for the nuclear, oil and petrochemical industries worldwide. It is now under attack from Chinese companies. Tata steel produces high end and special steel for the aerospace market and NASA, it produced many parts for the space shuttle. Yorkshire is my home, England's largest county, with our coal and steel we literally built Great Britain. David Cameron is privileged, he is Prime Minister of the best country in the world, he must use this honour for the benefit of our country and all the people in it. I say to you Mr Cameron, believe in Britain and do your absolute best for it.

Can you trust the Tories?


  • The Tories have supported the EU since 1973 and Theresa May was part of the remain campaign
  •  If we do not regain FULL control of our farming industry, fishing industry & steel industry our country will not prosper and our young people will not have the future they deserve. We need to promote our manufacturing industries
  •  If we do not regain FULL control of our borders then our NHS will not be able to meet the needs of UK citizens who have worked and paid their taxes
  • If we do not regain FULL control of our laws we will continue to be governed by endless rules and regulations which are not made by our elected Parliament and are not in our interests

Don’t trust your local Labour party


11/11/2016 – claimed 90p to travel to Sheffield Town Hall.

25/11/2016 – claimed £1.35 to travel to her surgery.

20/09/2016 – claimed £2.09 for stamps.

12/10/2012 – claimed £3.90 to park in Sheffield.

22/09/2011 – claimed £3.70 for a tram ticket.

28/02/2011 – claimed 60p for postage.

There hasn’t been a single year since she was elected in 2010 when she has claimed less than the average MP.

In 2009 she was exposed by the Telegraph for claiming for four beds for a one bedroom flat in London flat:


Angela Smith’s leaflet claims “the NHS needs to be transformed into a service that works more closely with local communities keeping people well and reducing the need for hospital care” The Labour leaflet may sound good but in practice what they do is very different. Since 2012 Sheffield Labour council has closed three dementia facilities which has put a huge increased strain on families and carers.
UKIP suggested how the money could be found to keep these facilities open but Labour did not consider it a high enough priority.
As a point of principle I have personally donated my recent pay rise to the Alzheimer’s Society to help fight against this terrible disease.


Angela Smith’s leaflet claims that “our environment matters” yet in recent years permission has been granted for housing developments in Oughtibridge, Dodworth, Penistone and Stocksbridge to name but a few. Labour obviously does not care so much about our “most beautiful countryside”!!
I am totally against any building on green belt land. I would also try to ensure that where building does take place proper consideration is given to schools, doctors, roads and general infrastructure.

John Booker’s letter to you


Dear Constituent.

I am Councillor John Booker, and I have been serving you and your local community as a Sheffield City Councillor since May 2014.

As a life-long resident of North Sheffield I have worked tirelessly to help local people, and have always stood up for your interests against the selfishness and misguided priorities of the Labour Party.

Now I want to take the fight to Westminster.

You have been ignored for too long-Tories and Labour come and go, but nothing ever changes for the better. Your local MP, Angela Smith in her 12 years in office has cost you around £2 million in wages and expenses.

What have we got to show for it, well I’m pretty stumped.

She doesn’t seem to have done a lot apart from,

  1.  Voting against Brexit.
  2.  Resigned as Shadow Minister for the Environment, because of Jeremy Corbyn.
  3.  Walking around the moors looking angry.
  4.  Having her photograph taken, pointing at broken fences, standing by off road vehicle tyre tracks and holding a paint brush while dressed in her best frock.
  5.  Campaigning with Brian May about badgers.

If elected I would put in place a Regional Constituency Organiser, whose job it would be to,

  1. Bring more funding into the area.
  2. Allowing the development of community groups.
  3. Promoting social well-being.
  4. Citizens advice.
  5. I.T. training.
  6. Sports and youth clubs.

On a National Level, I would, 

  1. Fight for the real Brexit you voted for.
  2. Introduce a fair and controlled immigration system.
  3. Protected our free public NHS before Foreign Aid.
  4. Support our service men and woman.
  5. Fight for a modern and fair democracy including P.R.

In 2015 General Election, The Conservative Party promised a Northern Power house, this was a ploy to gain votes in the north and it worked. They got their northern votes, we got a Northern Soup Kitchen. History tells us the Tories do not support, northern industries, northern mining or northern workers.

Put your faith in me, and your faith will be repaid

Yours sincerely

Councillor John Booker. UKIP.

Your Perspective Parliamentary Candidate, Penistone & Stocksbridge constituency.

June 8th 2017.